Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Milkins, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. I'm looking at Joining the PWRR after i've left College, i was just wondering if anyone here is PWRR, or ex PWRR and could give me any idea on what life is like with the Tigers?

    I'd be going in as a Regular Soldier, or at least applying to. According to my Qualifications (Or lack of them!) i'm too thick to be an Officer without doing a Course at Worthy Down...

    Also, i live in Yorkshire, so would i need to apply down in Surrey? Surrey's where i'm from, that's why i want to join the PWRR rather than the Yorkshire Reg or Rifles (although i'm thinking about the Rifles).

    Thanks in advance
  2. I'm ex 1PWRR. I mainly enjoyed my time and in certain respects wish I hadn't left when I did, but I got out April 2001, so anything I could tell you would be well past it's sell by date by now really. Best of luck with whichever regt you do go for though.
  3. You can apply in any ACIO but the recruiters will try their utmost to recruit you to the local infantry unit. The PWRR is a good unit. Well, 2 PWRR are anyway.
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  4. I went to the Recruiting office again yesterday, and he didn't try to get me in the Yorkshire reg!

    He said that all the Regiments run these 'Interest course' type things, but he wasn't too sure whether i need to do medicals and BARB tests and things. He said to go back tomorrow when he's had a ring around. I'm going to try to get on one for the RE, and the PWRR. I've got 2 years until i can leave college and join, so plenty of time to do them.

    In the meantime, it's just the ACF for me...
  5. If you want something to do of a weekend in green why not join the TA? No it won't be a back door into the regs but will surely have more of a benefit than playing with kiddies for 2 years. PWRR are a good bunch aswell.
  6. I shared a barracks with them when I was based in Germany and worked with them a few times on tour.

    They seemed pretty much bullshit free in barracks and on the ball ops wise.

    Decent bunch of lads aswell, well apart from all being girly southerners :) Not sure where they are now but they where a warrior battlegroup back then.
  7. All the PWRR guys I've worked with have been switched on and fairly laid back guys.

    Some of our guys were attached to 1PWRR on Telic 8 and I've not heard anyone say a bad word about them. For members of another Infantry regiment pass up the chance to slag another unit off is, in my opinion, a pretty good indicator of whether a unit is any good or not.

    Not much help with what life is like in the Bn though I'm afraid.
  8. I was attached to 2PWRR in Bosnia many years ago.
    Of course, most of the lads I worked with then would by now have moved onwards and upwards but as a whole the battalion seemed pretty switched on, definitely better than the shower of shite they replaced!

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  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A good,steady, Line Regiment, in the best traditions of such - but as an ex-Tiger (albeit a loooong while ago), I would say that...

    They are currently recruiting well, have a good reputation, and the 1st Bn are currently in Afghanistan, doing a not-really-glamorous role rather well.

    You could do a LOT worse, in short - go for it!
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  10. I was attached to 2PWRR for 9 years on and off (1 queens, 2 queens and then over the amalgamation and then later in Bosnia). Would have spent my whole 22 years with them given the chance.

    Off all the units i served with these along with the Coldstream guards were easly the best, top blokes, no needless bullshit and treated us atts and dets very well.
  11. Looking to join pwrr too , have pre selection in march hopefully all goes quick
  12. I spent 6 years with 1 PWRR (2000-2006) good battalion and good blokes. Just stay away from those gay 2nd Battalion lads.
  13. well I have to say that 3rd Batt. is the best. but the other 2 are good as well
  14. 2nd battalion is the way forward mate, but 1st battalion has got a lot of decent blokes in aswell
  15. Great to see you too. And thanks for your company.