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My husband is in the Battalion following them around the world and as far as I know they are due to leave London in Summer Leave next year. They are due to go back to Cyprus I believe, but that is yet to be confirmed.
Remember it's only 2nd Battalion that's based in London at the moment. You could be posted to 1st Battalion in Paderborn if you join the regiment. If being in London is really important then look at the Household Division.
im already with the battalion mate, its all brand new accomodation and the camp isnt to bad, bit bullshity tho
yep, your better off going to 1st battalion if u want a tour though
First ? if i may are you likely to get your first choice of battalions?. and second when did 1st battalion last do a tour? and are they always based in Germany. thank you
Does anybody know if 1st Battalion always stay in germany or are on a rotation.? and when was their last tour? thank you
Their last tour was Herrick 9 and Telic 13, the Bn. is due to deploy on Herrick 15 (next winter)
Thank you. do you know if they are always based in germany?

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