I recently got made redundant from a factory i had been working at and to be honest there is bollox all prospects down here on this wee island as i'm sure it's like most other places at the moment. The army is something that has always caught my eye having numerous friends serving and my father being a falklands veteran. It seems this is the time to get off my ass and get out in the world doing something worthwhile and interesting. I've done a little research and the infantry is what i'm looking to join.

My local regiment is the PWRR, i was just wondering if anyone had any experience working with or in the regiment. I've done some research but don't hear much about them, i know there are 2 regular battalions and would be looking at joining as light role (if there's a choice). So a bit of a broad and vague question but just looking at getting any general info about them so i can make an informed decision.

Cheers for any opinions and/or advice.
The reason you have not heard of your local Regiment is because you are cut of from the rest of the world on the IOW! The PWRR have 3 Battalions, one is armoured, one is in the light role and a TA Bn stationed at Canterbury. The light role Bn is stationed in Cyprus at the moment but will be back i the UK by the time you finish training.Should you wish to find out more visit the website or pop into th TA cenre at Canterbury where there is a recruiting squad. Good luck
I knew them as the Tigers or the Royal Hampshire Regiment (not the Hampshires; they got cross about that name), also called the Squidgies after the Princess of Wales, the lovely Diana.

They were a close family regiment and I expect those values are still present. I served two years with them in Northern Ireland (89-91) and as infantry go, they were very proud of the unit's history.

Plenty of good times in the mess and I earned the title of Mr. Adventure Training!!! There were lots of opportunities to go off doing activities out of uniform.

A good bunch of lads with a good social life.

Got to be better than working in a factory!!!!!!
Anyone on here know Webby (not his real name (used to be a HQ Pioneer)) from the 80's and 90's, give him a nod and ask him to PM me. Cheers

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