pwrr website?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by poet, May 26, 2005.

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  1. looking for the tigers web site

    was told was

    but seams not to be working :!:

    does any 1 know of anoather one for the tigers :?:

    cheers :)
  2. As per instruction, all unit websites not ending with have to be shut down.
  3. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

  4. cheers ms_rep
  5. Still spitting blood over Di's Guys takeover and suppression of all the other (senior) Regimen'ts.

    Tigers. Pah !.
  6. how do you mean?
  7. the new sites not very good,all the old posts and email addresses have gone,just set up for advertising not for members
  8. The cream will always rise to the top.

    Happy Glorious First of June.
  9. Happy Glorious First of June indeed to you IdleAdjt. Pristinea Virtutis Memor!
  10. PWRR website probably the best I've seen. Excellent!
  11. Post a link?