PWRR Upcoming postings?

Hiya guys wondered if anyone could enlighten me, i'm starting basic at the end of the summer, hoping to become part of 2 PWRR. Does anyone know what their future postings may be? I know they're currently based in Cyprus i think a friend said they've got a 6 month tour of Afghan either 2010 or 2011 and then perhaps Germany but i've been out of comms with him for a while.

Any ideas? Just would like to have a slight inkling as to where in the world i will likely be after training. Cheers.
ibumchavs - with a name like that its 3 Para mortars for you :wink: , sonny!
Jeez - you sound just like an Irish priest!
2 PWRR follow the Queen's Division Light Battalion rotation. At present this means Cyprus followed by Woolwich (Sep 10, including AFG in 2011 and the Olympics 2012) and then to Celle, Germany in 2013. I wouldn't bet the farm on Celle though. Hope this helps.
What about the 1RIR, I seem to remember reading somewere that they may be moving to Cyprus or Germany on some sort of rotation? Sorry if this is totally wrong im just wondering.

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