PWRR Uniforms

Want to get my hands on PWRR officer's mess kit/service dress soonest/cheapest - TA Rupert. Does anyone know if RHQ PWRR has a wee man doing the second hand uniform trade (I know the Angle-Irons do at BStEds)? Failing that, anyone particularly recommend one of the military tailors over the others - I know there's a couple online now, anyone used them?
Any wisdom appreciated - cheers.
Give the PWRR RHQ at Howe Barracks in Canterbury a ring - I'm only a cadet forces officer with a unit that is PWRR cap badged but they were able to help me. I was able to find a No2 that almost fitted me and only needed a little tailoring. Also got cap and Sam Browne. They also had some Mess Kits as well. Prices quite reasonable.

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