PWRR- Romsey 14 th July

The 1st Bn PWRR are exercising their Freedom to March through Romsey (Hants) on Tuesday 14th July in the afternoon, having paraded in Southampton in the morning. They will be marching through the Town Square after a Service at Romsey Abbey:

Freedom Marches 2009 - July

We are fortunate for the first time for many years to be able to exercise a March
through some of our Freedom Towns. The 1st Battalion will have just returned
from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. These Marches will be exercising the
Freedom as well as being a homecoming parade. All Marches will be led our
own Regiment Band of the 3rd Battalion. Please spread the word to drum up
support for these parades. In short, take to the streets to show support for your
County Infantry Battalion. If they are not coming to your town or county, please
make every effort to attend whichever parade is nearest to you; then cheer on
The Tigers as they march past with their drums beating, bands playing, colours
flying and bayonets fixed. After all, they did their duty.........for you.


Tues 14th July
Southampton - Morning.
Romsey - Afternoon. Commence with a service in Romsey
Abbey and then March through the Town Centre.
I'm just up the road and so will be going. Anyone else about?
They're doing a freedom parade through Worthing, West Sussex on 11th July

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