Alright people?

I've been umming and arring about joining one of the armed forces for ages, i'm just doing a bit of research to work out which service, branch, trade etc i think i would enjoy and all the rest of it.

I'm drawn towards infantry as from what i hear it seems to be soldiering in its purest form. i have family in the south east but i grew up in Anglia, My grandad was in the lincolnshire Regt before amalgamations, i think, i have a lot of Irish heritage but i don't feel drawn to staggin outside the palace so i'm not keen on the micks, I've heard a lot about the PWRR due to Mr Beharry V.C. ,God bless him and the defence of cimic house etc, however i don't really know too much about the RAR.

could anyone give me some good insight into both/either Regts, not the stuff the AFCO would feed me but how good it is to work within in the regt, the quality of NCO's officers etc, all the stuff you only know after serving with them.

also, has anyone read the book "squaddie" by an ex RGJ called McLaughlin??

Cheers in advance

Foitin_Irish said:
Has anyone read the book "squaddie" by an ex RGJ called McLaughlin??

Cheers in advance

Yeah, browsed through it in a bookshop the other day - loada sh!te. The guy only done 3 years service then write's a book - yeah right.

BT. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I cannot comment on the Anglians, but I have worked alongside the PWRR in Iraq, and they were very professional troops (that is not saying that the Anglians are not). If you want to see how they were in 2004, I recommend you read "Dusty Warriors" by Richard Holmes. He is unashambly pro PWRR (being their colonel) but it will give you an insight into their esprit de corps.

On another aspect, have you written to both regiments to go on a familiarisation visit. You will see them first hand then...
No i haven't yet but i'm already leaning towards the PWRR and they're very local to me now, so i may well do that. i did read barefoot soldier by mr beharry VC and all i really took on board was not to mess with that Sgt Broome fella! i haven't heard much about the Anglians other than some scum robbed their personal belongings out of containers when they deployed to Af'stan.

I've heard the leadership in the PWRR is spot on, very proffesionl but relaxed?? any truth in that?
Our regiment Royal Anglians aside from the paras, is one of the few regiments who have served twice in Afghanistan. Most if not all infantry units are professional. The 2nd Battalion "The poachers" have a very proud and distinguished history.
Don't get me wrong mate, i'm not inferring that i think the RAnglians are unproffesional at all! i have a family tie to them, even if it is a long way back, so i wouldn't consider lipping off about them. I grew up in the flat green lands of lincolnshire and thats where my heart is, so i am drawn to the Anglians, it's either them or the PWRR, i don't know how to decide really, what would make one Inf. regt better than another???
I've heard the leadership in the PWRR is spot on, very proffesionl but relaxed?? any truth in that?[/quote]

In this day and age I would be very surprised if the infantry are anything but spot on...

My second point stands, go and see each one for yourself. Don't let the fact that the PWRR have a VC sway you.

Look at the following pages:

They have different roles: the PWRR have armoured and light battalions, whilst the RAR have mechanised and light. Different kit, different roles/tasks. See what YOU want to get out of it (do you want to be in a warrior or a saxon or in a light inf role?) and then decide.

As I have said, do not choose one over the other cos one has better publicity.
Cheers Mightybigego

I remember when i was a cadet many years ago we went to an army base on the south coast, near eastbouren i think but probably wrong, and most of the instructors we got were PWRR, i just seem to remember them for being quite laid back, having a laugh but when they got to explain, demonstrating you could tell they we're the mutts nutts....saying all this i remember one PWRR Sgt telling us "dont join the infantry".... 8O
I worked with a ex-PWRR bloke in the Police. If he was representative of them as a whole then they must be a fine unit, as he was an excellent, professional lad and Police officer.

Not much help, but I thought I would post it anyway, credit where its due etc.