PWRR Opinions?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cleanmysnatchyoujerk, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone, just signed up to the site after browsing for a little while. I went to the careers office this morning and expressed an interest in joining the infantry. I was told my local regiment is the PWRR (from the isle of wight, yes i have webbed toes), i've done a bit of research and found stuff regarding the regiments history and the roles of the two battalions etc but was just interested to see if anyone here has/are serving with them or have served alongside them and what peoples opinions are of the regiment in general. I was given a 12 week fitness program so am just going to work my arrse off and go for it, fed up of sitting around wasting my better years. Also i've been told different things about what battalion you're likely to join, is it just a case of voicing an opinion on which you would like to join but overall the decision is down to higher powers?

    Cheers for any info and thanks to those who are serving and those who have in the past.
  2. I'm signals but have spent many years working beside many Regiments and I can honestly say that 2PWRR is by far the best Regt.
  3. A friend of mine is 2PWRR and seeing how much he has changed since school and the confidence and pride he has is one of the main motivations for me to join. Cheesy i know but true nonetheless.
  4. X59

    X59 LE

    Just the same as every other county regiment. No better, no worse.

    Popular with those serving in them, and with the areas they recruit from.

    Nothing wrong in all that, but don't kid yourself they're special to anybody else.
  5. A fine County Regiment with a very high reputation. Yes, there are others equally as good (or bad depending on your loyalty), but if you want to serve with people from a similar background to you, recruited from the same area, probably went to the same school then go for the PWRR.

    Having served with both 1 & 2 PWRR I can say they are both fine Infantry battlions with differing roles but the same spirit. Where you end up will be down to who needs recruits but you can express a preference at the ITC. I wouldn't be hard over on either as they'll both be in Germany between 2012-14 which should cover your first few years. Despite todays announcements I might add.
  6. Yeah my friend said he would be at the olympics then off to Celle i believe. The announcement from the almighty toff certainly is a blow, hopefully it wont effect my joining or career once i'm in but who knows with this government.
  7. I'm from Scotland. So nowhere near their area. I detested working with 2RRF among others.
  8. I have served alongside elements of 2PWRR on Ops and was attached to the LAD of 1PWRR which also included an Op tour. I found both 1 & 2 to be very professional, fun to work with and both more than happy to 'play hard' during less busy moments. A cracking bunch of lads in my experience and they look after their attached arms very well.
  9. I am in 2 pwrr they are by far one of the most professional unit around.
  10. Top tip errrr poster whoever you are...Try to think up a avatar name that kind of does not reveal your errrrmmmmm identity. (cough)

  11. 1 PWRR have just come very close to failing their armoured TESEX in Canada so their ability as a fighting unit cant be that great at the moment. Their CO is a total wet lettuce though. From what i've seen from more than a few junior and SNCO's 2 PWRR seem very professional.
  12. Decent sniper platoon.

    Smashed every other ****** on an international concentration in the States a few years back.
  13. Corrected that for you.
  14. Have they come back yet...the new CO..short ish ?
  15. Yup and yup. New CO this is.