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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Londonpride, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Does anyknow how PWRR got their nickname "squeeges" (I think that is how it was spelt)
    I seem to remember it was a nickname that the rat Hewit had for Princess Di, I maybe wrong
  2. squidgies
  3. I thought their nick name was the tigers? or as per the norm am I more than a mile away
  4. I thought it was tigers too :?
  5. Never heard of it. Can't find it, or any spelling of it, on google. "Tigers" is the commonly-used nickname.
  6. The PWRR is an amalgamation of The Hampshires and The Queens. The Hampshires had the nickname "The Tigers", the rather less than flattering nickname of "Squidgies Own" relates to a pet name that Charles had for Diana, The Princess Of Wales.
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  8. Unfortunately, although "The Tigers" is their official nickname, they will still always be known by a select few as either The Squidgies or Squidgies Own.
  9. Not such a select few now that 205 people have read this thread! :D
  10. Nearly right. It was in fact the name 'The Rat' Hewitt used for her in some mobile phone calls that were intercepted (the bad old days of analogue mobiles...) and then published in the News of the Screws IIRC.

    The recordings became known as the 'Squidgygate Tapes' and the name was then applied to the PWRR as she was the Regt's Col in Chief.
  11. They say you cant choose your own nickname and this proves it .
    Pwrr may have everything branded tigers ,but,If anyone uses a nickname its the squidges. :D
  12. Indeed...

    wansn't there also "Di's Guys"? (sounds rupertish to me, mind)
  13. No that's the collective for the couple of hundred guys who diddled her.
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  14. Well thats you off their christmas card list
  15. The Squidygate recording became public only a day or so after she was announced as Col of The Hamsters. Some senior bods said 'off the record' that the her official association with the army would not have taken place had it (Squidy) been public beforehand.

    Hamsters takeover of Queen's Regiment is a disgrace - typical sop to CivDiv
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