PWRR Dress Regs (all ranks)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by emptyeye, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. Anyone have PWRR dress regs (all ranks) they can let me have please?...a link will do too
    If there is nothing written down anywhere, an informed PM to me will do as well, as long as you can state sizes, detailed descriptions etc
    I know I can write to the RHQ but there has to be someone on ARRSE whos much faster in replying
    Its the regimental dress regs I need, not army dress regs, I have that....
    Thanks in advance
  2. Guess its not quicker!!!
  3. what do you need to know ?
  4. I need to know things like what size is the backing on the capbadge, what shade of black does the same brownes need to be, that sort of thing can you help?
  5. Looks like a letter to RHQ is the only way forwards
  6. I should coco ! Don't think they will even know !
  7. As for the Sam Browne - they told me to use the dark brown Parade Gloss, and it came up a treat as in just right.
    Do you want to know the correct length of the blue and yellow backing behind the capbadge on the beret, or have I misunderstood you

  8. Yes sorry the backing size behind the cap badge is what I was looking for and the question of the sam browne, brown you say? yet I have been told its bulled black like the shoes, is this right?
  9. You can buy the Beret Backing from RHQ, it is cut to the correct size. Sam Browne is standard brown but you must have the whistle attachment added to it and yes it is waxed and polished as per brown shoes with brown parade gloss. Alternatively you could speak to a friendly drummer in one of the battalions and for a small donation and possibly some beer they will square it away. What else do you need to know?
  10. Don't fall for the old 'black sam browne' advice.

    Black shoes, gloves and sam browne were the order of the day for the Royal Hampshire Regiment. On amalgamation the whistle was adopted on the Sam Browne but the colour remains brown.
  11. Champagne in my day, even for a colour belt - but I never liked the stuff.

  12. Roger on the Black/Brown Sam Browne, brown it shall be (same with shoes, gloves etc)....the whistle and strap to go with it is like rocking horse whatsit...unless anyone here knows a guy who knows a guy...collar dogs are the same, I have a set but they both face the same way, is that right? or does the feathers face outwards on both? and are the dogs the same for OR's and Officers?

  13. Nothing on ebay either.
  14. Bronze collar dogs feathers point out and are the same badge for officers and ORs. If you are furnishing a set of blues then the old Queen's Regt buttons and collar dogs are used - in this case there is a slight difference.