PWRR contact?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by abbadon101, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. If anyone is or knows an Officer serving with the PWRR I would be very interested to hear from them as I am hopping to join the PWRR as an Officer and any advice you can give me will be gladly acepted.
  2. Read Sniper One.
  3. I think the best way for you to go would be to visit your local recruiting office and ask to be put in touch with one of the PWRR Batallions. They will be able to give you up to date details of someone who will be able to answer your questions.

    I could give you a lot of e-mail addresses for a number of PWRR personnel but I don't think they would be very happy with me.
  4. Not sure if they will have someone who goes around on one leg! Unless its long John Silver of course cos he's a double hard barsteward
  5. I already have my Potentual Infatntry Officers FAM visit booked and AOSB briefing in may, my sponsor will be aranging me a vivsit to PWRR at Canterbury between the two I was just after some one who could give me more of a heads up for this. Prehaps my first post should have been a bit more detailed.
  6. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I know several, but most of them can spell so I don't think you'd fit in.
  7. You sir are cruel :D
  8. But funny
  9. If its only most I sholud be fine.
  10. Try and avoid the use of the word "contact" in a social context....
  11. Hi abbadon101,

    Pse check your PMs

  12. Just remember mofo that there will be soldiers in the PWRR that can match you in intellect and that although you may become an officer you will still be an arssehole that noone will respect untill you prove yourself to be bigger then your own ego!
  13. Yeah, there might also be one or two with a sense of humour as well...
  14. Helpful Jimmy, the tag arssehole has to be earned! :D