Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Topper_Logan, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Just come back from OPTAG trg and met some decent WOs from 1 PWRR. As an WO due to go to the stan shortly, I was in awe of their sombre details of the incidents during TELIC 4 and their graphic first hand insights, into the 28 day seige on CIMIC house and the pink palace.

    Has anybody got any details or video footage, apparently a book is also being published about the tour, does anybody know the name of the book and when it will be published.

  2. Its called 'Dusty Warriors', just bought it, not started it yet
  3. Sorry, it's by Richard Holmes and you can probably get in or
  4. I have the vid although not in Cimic, chris was a friend will try to remember where i got it!
  5. Thanks kindly, book on order. :D
  6. Many thanks indeed guys for drawing attention to Richard Holmes' book. But for this thread, I probably would not have heard of it.

    A link to the reviews of it on Amazon is here:

    Thanks once again.

    Regards and best wishes