PWRR Charges from the BBC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RustyH, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this is a repost but this has really enraged me. What possible right does this biased programme have to challenge the actions of these men who were forced to enter into the most desperate of military actions the bayonet charge. Even more so 4 years after the event. How dare they sully the name of the men involved and drag their honour through the mud how dare they.
  2. The C*nts! They can make what accusations they like, but the aforementioned awards are in no way shape or form easy to come by and the men who participated in an action that contained the words "FIX BAYONETS" have my utmost respect.
  3. Not wishing to copy from a previous thread but is it not time to bin paying for these 'peoples' wages?

    I for one will not pay for another TV licence if its going to these lefty *****!
  4. I agree completely I've just sent a very s**tty email to the BBC but I fear all I'll get is a crap automated response. It is a disgrace and needs to be highlighted.
  5. onPity we can't get names and addresses of the w*****s responsible and sen the out to tine boys.
  6. Now that's really gritting me, main reason being that I haven't heard any evidence to back up their claims and secondly because it's my old regiment. I was in 3 PWRR until I recently transferred.
  7. In an action with bayonets fixed, shooting someone point blank in the head is a crime?
  8. The most insane thing is the accusations are being made, without any evidence at all, by a lawyer acting for 9 known insurgents, if this airs the BBC directors and editorial staff should all get the sack and people who really are honest and unbaised put in place for once
  9. This isn't the jihadi chaser phil shiner, or what ever the cnuts name is, again is it?
  10. Yep, another anti war, human rights rent-a-gob
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  12. There is very little detail of what the programme is actually going to contain, the main sources being The Sun and The Daily Mail - both of which have their own biases - one of which is a profoundly anti-BBC stance.

    The BBC has a responsibility to report on such cases. If the case is garbage (which I have no doubt that this is), then the BBC has an excellent platform to refute it, and as I say we do not yet know what the content will be.

    I am extremely proud and privileged to be from a nation that has the BBC as a national broadcaster. I have no doubt that there is a liberal and North London bias to it, there is an incessant creep of dumbing down and too much emphasis on ratings - but it is still the least biased news and comment outlet that I have been able to find.
  13. Only if you're shooting him because you're too lazy to withdraw said bayonet.... :wink:

    But seriously, I intend to watch this programme, video it, go over it a few times, then complain like fcuk to the Beeb and the tv regulators if its contents are bo11ox unsupported by evidence!