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PWRR Books

Check out 8 lives down as well , not PWRR but its on the same tour ( telic 4??)

You can see everything thats going on all around Basra and Al amarah , it ties in really well with Sniper One and Dusty Warriors , kind of gives you a better idea of the "big picture"
Thanks for the mentions of In Foreign Fields, Gimp and CiviGit.

There are several PWRR people included in the book:

Sgt Chris Broome CGC
Cpl Terry Thomson CGC
Maj Justin Featherstone MC
C Sgt Jim Harkess CGC

Also Pte Michelle Norries MC (RAMC) and WO2 Mark Evans MC (RWF) who were attached to the same Battlegroup as the PWRR at various times.

Anyone interested in knowing a bit more about the interviewees etc can read more here.



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