Discussion in 'Infantry' started by the_owl, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Any serving or ex PWRR Tigers interested in forming and joining an association, give me a call.
  2. Queens & PWRR associations already exist.
  3. I`LL second that, fingers. The PWRR have a good and well run Association.
    The Owl would only be splitting hairs again. If you dont feel at home with them, then there is still the association of your forbear Regiment
    There is only ONE Regiment, it doesnt come in breakaway versions.
  4. Are you planning to form a local/regional branch of the existing association or a new association entirely?
  5. There hasn't been a formal PWRR Association to date. Now that the PWRR is 15 years old, the Council has agreed to launch an association, supported by those of the forbear Regts. Date likely to be 06 Sept 08 for the launch. Hope that helps.