PWRR Afghan 2011?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by upyer_sonny, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. I heard that PWRR are supposed to be deployed to Afghan in 2011 and I'm hoping to get into 2PWRR (pass out is end of Aug 11), any chance I'll see any of this?
  2. Don't think 2PWRR are on the cards for a Herrick tour next year. They're currently on ceremonial duties in London then are posted to Germany after that.
  3. Thanks mate I thought 2PWRR were on woolwich/germany/cyprus rotation too but a couple of guys had mentioned something totally different, no doubt total ****.
  4. They are on the rotation you mentioned but that does not rule out deploying on Herrick. I am not sure what their Operational commitments are but I know 2RRF deployed on Op Herrick 10 from London District (Public Duties). 2PWRR took over from 2RRF in London.
  5. Yep, 2PWRR could get deployed once back on TRB though I don't think they are on it next year. Could be wrong though.
  6. Ok thanks for the info guys
  7. What are the future postings for 1PWRR out of interest?
  8. 2 RRF got fastballed when they were in Hounslow, and there are rumours of an Afghan tour next year but nothing confirmed.
    They'll definately be back out there once their back in Cyprus, but thats another 3 years away yet, and with Afghan being as dynamic as it is alot could change during that period.
    If your off to 2 PWRR you've made a good choice, good battalion, refurbed camp, mega bunch of lads albeit alittle bit thredders with Public Duties, however it only fuels their appetite for Central London p*ss ups.
    Good luck
  9. According to the Regimental Journal 1 is off to Herrick 15, 2 has a trip to Falklands soon then is off to Germany with a visit during that time.
  10. Cheers offog
  11. poo_finger did you mean RRF were rumoured or PWRR? BTW awesome display pic
  12. PWRR Mate, you'll get filled in with the current gen by your regt rep when you get to depot!
  13. It's the 1st team that go in 2011
  14. Right sounds good
  15. The Reg Journal also gave a hint that 1PWRR might well re-role to light infantry post the Herrick tour. I'm down in the Smoke at the end of the month on work, and just looked up the public duties list, to see if I could wangle it to see the 2nd mount guard @ Buck House - fat chance, they dont appear anywhere for Dec/Jan, so I take it they are topping up the tan in FI? But if that so, it goes against the norm of company rotations and not whole battalion movement.