PWRR - Advanced Close Quarter Battle course

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by drz400:), Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. CQB for short, in a nutshell you train for targets that pop up in your line of sight aka in your face.
  2. Maybe they should stick to real soldiering. That way they might pass the next battle run in Canada.
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  3. Not a chance mate
  4. Does this course still run at Weingarten?
  5. mango's I think
  6. What's the purpose of it then? Just to get a special certificate that says you can officially shoot a target a 2 yards? :D

  7. Weingarten moved to Pfullendorf around 1997/8 and the Brits withdrew in about 2001.
  8. Cheers for that. The older I get, the more amazed I get at how many things are outlasted by their t-shirts.
  9. And in your case, chainmail.
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  10. Yeah those Knights Templar were a bit of a flash in the pan. The gusset's rusted on the pants though.
  11. Though they did look ally!

  12. It's just to get them ready to go on leave in Margate and other Kentish/cnutish coastal shiteholes and other one horse towns, where most of them come from.

    You fallen for their spin on the web page......join any Inf mob and you'll be doing similar at some stage, usually in the Naafi or when lining up for scoff.
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  13. its only sim ammo in tin city. its wasn't a pwrr cse anyway
  14. Fair one, BATUS (Belters And Tactically Useless Soldiers) being the centre of skills and drills for the infantry, that Battalion one of the most highly decorated in the army, should listen to your words of wisdom. Old thread but when i came across it I had to chuck my pennies worth in.
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