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  1. It has been claimed by some swivel-eyed type in Iraq that there are 15 British 'prisoners of war' being held by the bad guys there. This appeared in the Washington Post, apparently, in its Wednesday, November 17th editions which I can't access. is there any collateral to this report?
  2. Saw this at lunchtime: (Not Confirmed or even true!)


  3. Thanks, guys. Reassuring.
  4. So they have 15 of our guys, anything from the bunch of spineless goons who control us :?
  5. Don't know if it means 15 mil or civvy. Lot of contractors out there.
  6. Imagine that....holding all those Hostages and not making any videos for propoganda................there was also going to be the "Mother of all Battles" :roll: :roll: :wink:
  7. Methods change. Al Jazeera and the other major Arab agencies have apparently made policy changes on this sort of story. Wait.
  8. 307

    307 War Hero

    The Iraqi Info. officer survives under a new alias! Feck off do they have 15 of ours guys, or that many Yanks. This would be all over the papers and news.
  9. I agree with 307. Sounds like a load of bull.
  10. By the flea-infested beard of the prophet, Corporal, I think you're right. Propaganda shi*e for the great unwashed Iraqi masses. But in the Arab world, it doesn't have to be true. It's a fact if the "street' belives it. May their camels run dry in the desert! May their small pretty goats be afflicted with PMT! May their RPGs detonate prematurely!
  11. Fair enough mate. :D

    But if it doesn't have to be true, if one lone cleric goat humper can spout anything and the masses will believe him, how do you fight it?
  12. [quote="Corporal
    But if it doesn't have to be true, if one lone cleric goat humper can spout anything and the masses will believe him, how do you fight it?[/quote]

    Simple. Find the lone cleric(probably near a grassy knoll)and give him a couple of 5.56mm sleeping tablets, pausing only to check first that there are no NBC camera teams in the immediate vicinity.. :D
  13. What a great weapon propaganda is. The conspiracy theorists in the west will be all over this like a nasty Monday morning rash on your... Er, well anyway they'll be excited. They don't need proof, rumour is good enough. Next it starts getting reported in mainstream media and it gains legitamacy amongst the mass or in the least puts a question mark in their brain. With BLiars history of lieing who do they believe?
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ...In Naploeonic France, official Communiqués were so frequently untruthful that the phrase << to lie like a Bulletin >> passed into the language....

    Le Chevre ( qui ne ment jamais....)