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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, May 4, 2005.

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  1. There has just been a report on the Beeb world service TV that the sentance for this young lady will be determined by a group of her peers, troops who had all served in the Iraq war, 7 in number I think.
    Normal procedure?
  2. Probably a jury of SGM's [Sgt Major]. :lol:
  3. It's called "The JURY"
  4. 30 months for abuse-3 years for being a minger
  5. Just on the Beeb that judge has thown out her Guilty plea for she maintained in her statement that she did not understand she was doing wrong.
    Thortically could lead to involvement of higher ups. Which it should.
  6. Seymour is a two bit cnut, if the fecker can't make headlines he'll fabricate them
  7. Thanks for that in depth analysis. Apparently the Pulitzer Prize committee would disagree with you. If it wasn't for Hersh's report the activities at Abu Ghraid and My Lai etc. would have gone unreported.

    For two bit cnuts who make up "facts" in the American media, I suggest you look up such luminaries as:
    Hannity, Sean;
    O Reilly, Bill;
    Coulter, Ann,
  8. As I stated if there is no headline he'll make one. The three you mention do not say they are journos, but instead news commentators or opinionated persons that get media coverage...there is a difference :!:

    Seymour purports to write NEWS; Ann, Sean and Bill comment on the news there is a difference :wink:
  9. Oh forgot to mention the Pulitzer Prize has as much weight as the Academy Awards in my book; bunch of self absorbed arrses patting them selves on the back. It's like Chavs handing out the Best Dressed awards for Chavs by Chavs.
  10. Ok ctauch, whatever floats your boat. I won't debate you on the merits of Gladiator vs Universal Soldier 2.

    Back to the subject of PFC England. I had lunch a couple of weeks ago with a couple of JAG officers, one LTC, one COL. They had some pretty interesting things to say. Apparently there are a number of JAG officers that resent the fact that no-one above the rank of SSgt has been charged other this fcuk-up. They feel that the bods at the coal face are being hung out to dry,

    Perhaps the judge that ordered her guilty plea to be denied is one of them. For my part I'd say they're probably right. At the very least their Coy officers were criminally negligent if they allowed this apparently unsanctioned behaviour to go on.
  11. crab,
    I don't disagree the senior occifers should be sanctioned BUT, in the US mil it is not a fore gone conclusion that they knew what was going on. The commanding occifer should be hung out to dry just like any CEO of a company when it goes tits up. But the bottom-line is that SNCOS (Grainer was one since in the US Army any rank above E-5 Sergant is considered SNCO) were in charge.

    There is a difference between garrison and field command in the US Mil, AG was a garrison situation and as such run by SNCOs and not occifers. Don't get me wrong the occifers are not free and clear in my book but they are far less culpible them the SNOCs.

    Lyndie is a po-dunk private and as such was following orders, the only thing she is guilty of is follow illegal orders. The soap opera continues with the mis-trial ruling :roll:

    Hersh is still a cnut :wink: