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Anyone know what the current score on PVR is. Am an old git on open engagement and was just wondering if somthing came along how fast can I leave. Plus can you use resettlement when your over 40 and on the new penson scheme, RAO here seem to al be busy on JPA stuff to answer any queries. Any help appreciated. :meditate:
depends where you are and what you're doing. I've seen someone out within a month, but if you're doing something special that can't stand a gap stand by to wait until you are replaced. The official notice period is 7 months, but 3 of those are leave, resettlement training etc - so thats 4 months. Be prepared to give up the leave & resettlemnt if you want to get out faster.

See no reason why you're not entitled to resettlement despite being an old git. Give the idle sods in the RAO a kick *********** - they're there to help you and if that means working later than 3pm so be it. Tell 'em Bambi said so.

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