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Any admin gurus there can help, trying to find out what state of play is for old gits who have done over 17 years and are on NOTENG to PVR. We not in any time bar or retention type commitment (there is a couple of us) just wondering about how long it takes to go if you have a good job waiting for you. No RAO here and asking JPA helpline is as effective crab movers.
Can be done very quickly indeed, as little as 2 weeks the last time I had a hand in one.

Free as well if you have done over 17 years - bargain :D
17 years and you are considering PVR?

Make sure you get a proper financial forecast of what you will be giving up. A forecast for a WO with 17 years service was close to £300,000!

I dont know your personal circumstances, but will help if needed. PM me if needed.

Bottom line is 'be careful'.
As Omniped says be very careful.

I don't know what your Army pension would be but bear in mind the following:

- It is govt guaranteed ie you will get it
- You have paid into it for 17 yrs (reduced x factor)
- It would be really expensive to buy
- Any civvy job can disappear in an instant - I've seen it at work where people work like slaves and are then made redundant - how would you feel if this happened to you after 6 months, and you'd lost your pension

Think on!
thanks blokes thought of all those things but being out of the green loop helps to know people will still give an informed comment. Am trying to look into it now but cheers !!

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