PVR? Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by penguin, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi can anybody advise me if it is still possible to PVR when on Open Engagement and under a time bar? Thank you.
  2. How old are you or how many years served?

  3. I am 31 years old and have served since April 1994, hope this helps.
  4. The answer is no, no one can PVR under OE. Dont get a sad on just and stag on.
  5. Was discussing this a few weeks ago with our AGC bods, can't remember what the cut of date is but I understand that those that joined pre (1990?) can still PVR under their terms of service.

    Not applicable to Penguin, but a colleague asked his RCMO to enquire whether he could still PVR if he accepts VENG and was told that he could and receive his pension straight away if he has passed his 22 year point (A potention addition to the urban myth thread though I suspect!!!!)
  6. I agree. I think the ToS were changed in the early 90s and some SNCOs may have residual rights....

    You can sign off and, in 12 months time, less resettlement if entitled, you will be gone. Subject, of course, to any restriction after attending a long course!


  7. Im sure we've had blokes who've terminated and been allowed to go before their 12 months was up because they had jobs lined up, e.g. fire brigade etc.

    I believe they had too get permission from the commanding officer though
  8. Yup happened to me got back from resettlement with job offer was gone 1 week later 6 weeks earlier as I'd saved my leave up so would have finished Aug time
  9. If my marbles remember correctly......

    I joined up as a Junior Leader in July 1989. My RMSD was May 90. I did my 3 years on the Notice Engagement and then just continued to serve. The Pay Office at the time tried to get me to sign on for another 3 to Open Engagement but I declined (16p a day difference or something!).

    I continued to serve on Notice Engagement until I'd had enough back in 2005, signed off and found a resettlement course for which I was offered a job directly after the course. I discovered that I was still eligible for PVR (for 200 quid), so on my return to my Unit, I filled in the paperwork, drew my 200 quid and after the RAO had given me my 'back to work interview', I duly handed him said paperwork, 200 quid cash and gave him 30 days notice.

    He went into a mad rant saying I can't PVR, I'm stuck here etc etc etc. I asked him to call APC who confirmed that I could indeed PVR. He tried to refuse to sign the paperwork and I said that if he didn't sign it, as was my right, then I would ask to speak to the CO. Needless to say, he signed.

    I'd had my disagreements with this bloke and neither liked the other much, so I thought I was doing him a favour. But, he had me on the ORBAT for numerous exercises and covering various jobs while other people were on leave etc, which he was now screwed up on manpower wise.

    On my second to last day, we had the usual presentation and speeches in the Admin Office and he berated me in front of the whole of the SPS staff, including juniors with the statement 'You are far from the best SNCO I have had working for me'. This I thought was well below the belt but I resisted the urge to retort and accepted my presentation with a smile and a handshake. A number of the other SNCOs and even junior staff were taken aback at his rudeness in making such a comment in public and did complain about it.

    The next day was my last day and I wasn't going to drop myself in the crap with some smart ass comment, so I was head down all day. Instead of the usual, hand ID card in, discharge paperwork and away by lunchtime, he made me work until 1830 hours. He knew I had to get from Aldershit to Cambridge that night too. On my way past his office I knocked, stood to attention and said Sir, I won't be in tomorrow as Im a civvy, have a nice life and walked out.
  10. What a complete and utter ******. Not wanting to name names for opsec reasons but his name didn't begin with an "O", I think now might be a Maj, fat cnut, who broke his leg in numerous places a few years back?

    If so, feel sorry for you mate, he was my RAO a few years back and I couldn't stand the man.
  11. To ratify as Litotes said it is 1990 or earlier those are the soldiers who only can PVR. Any soldier who joined on NOTENG then went to OE had grandfather rights on PVR. But if you enlisted on OE, no chance. I think S type engagements can also PVR. As crowbag also states the CO will CONSIDER early release from your last year, if you already have a job under exceptional circumstances, normally they are Govt Sevice jobs i.e fire, police etc. The only way you can get early an release if you stand for parliament as an MP. Hope this clarifies.
  12. DM(A) have the final say, you can staff a case through your CO to them and they will consider it as an exceptional case.
  13. In addition, there are several get-out clauses in QRs Chapter 9. Being a psychopath helps considerably. :D

  14. I know of one bloke who managed to wangle an early release of a couple of months. His last day was sometime in August and he was out in May.
  15. Terminate your service. Find a job

    Show the RCMO a firm job offer in writing with a start date. Write a formal letter to your CO. The CO agrees and will stand the gap until your original discharge date. RCMO will write to DM(A) and you will get out on the date you want to start work or just before.

    You will forfeit remaining leave and resettlement entitelement though!