PVR and Its Effect On Pension


Can anyone help me. I'm in the throws of PVRing to escape the VEng without having to serve 12 months notice.

I will have completed 22yrs on the date of my PVR and would therefore hope to get the amount I've earnt up until the 22yr point regardless of my means of termination of service. However I her rumblings that the PVR will bring about a different pension code for calculation purposes ?

To save another sleepless night can anyone offer any wisdom as to whether I will get a reduced pension because I opt to PVR.

Many Thanks

As long as you opted to stay under AFPS 75 and you have completed a minimum of 22 yrs reckonable service since age 18 - watch out for any non reckonable - AWOL, detention etc. you will be entitled to an immediate pension and lump sum - PVR does not effect this.


Many thanks for your words of wisdom. It appears from your advice that I'm OK although my 3 yrs of breaking rocks in Tidworth felt like detention !



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