Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by skywalker, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. So you are happy with life, and enjoying your posting at the moment then? :D
  2. Me? I am loving it! I radiate joy and happiness, always.
  3. I take it a gym queen got promoted over you then?
  4. Or mabey one of the blue suited hunks has bummed your mum, sister, girlfriend, wife or .... hell even you. Why don't you stop crying wipe your arse and start sorting out the fooking communication problem we seem to have. :twisted:
  5. removed [was a bit drunk]
  6. Get some pics posted then we can all have a one handed workout !!! :D
  7. Why did you delete your post skywalker? Doorbundle has it complete in one of his replies :D
  8. probably not convinced listeners are on the right side of the force (switch bitches perhaps?)
  9. 23C

    23C Clanker


    Pal I feel your pain and understand your frustration completely. I for one have seen this to many times in my 13-year’s (That would mean attaining the position of ‘COS’ in Tech years :D ) and unfortunately I am seeing it more and more.

    [Rant On]
    I for one have had many high quality recommendations only to be told, “There’s always next year”. Then to see the ‘faces’ and ‘blue-eyed-boys’ moving onwards and upwards. It becomes disheartening at times to see these people who you know are slack, lazy and manipulative moving through the ranks. It also seems that these kinds of person are always on first name terms with the higher echelon of the unit…go figure?
    [Rant Off]

    What I would like to say to the guys that may put you down in this thread is; don’t forget that you are in the same trap, no matter what rank you are there will always be a brown nosed leach standing right behind you ready to trample all over you when the ‘tapes’ are given out, but then again, you may be one of these leach’s in which case you know all about it.
  10. HEHE this thread has great potential, let me just dig a foxhole and grab some beers and Im ready to watch the fireworks...