Puzzled of Putney

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. I am puzzled by the closing of the thread: 'Are MPs any better than looters', or was it: 'Are civil servants any better than looters' ?

    Two national Sunday newspapers carry the story of Sir Augustine O'Donnell's refusal to allow details of civil servants' expenditures through their TAX PAYERS funded credit cards.

    Why is this Blairite appointee, long past his sell-by date, allowed to flout the will of elected parliamentarians and the people?

    We, the tax-payers, should have every detail of the expenditure of OUR tax monies.

    I had no idea that civil servants had the power and ability to plock the will of a democratically elected administration - was this 'power' brought in by Blair and Campbell? I think we should be told.
  2. The credit card story's bollocks. It's also been discussed before. Anyone who's ever had to use the system agrees that it works well and those who are responsible for the cards agree that it's nigh on impossible to steal from that system or take the piss.

    The only people who have a problem with the system are those who've never used it and believe any old shite they read in the Daily Heil or the Telegraph.
  3. OK. I must have missed the previous thread/s. Unusually I had time and inclination to read both the papers you mention above. I normally only read DT and London Evening Standard.

    Serious question - why is the Daily Mail so battered by posters on this site?
  4. Great Mark Twain wrote

    So what is the distinction between looters and legislators?

    A legislator pass and violates laws.
    A looter only violates them.
  5. Because it's reactionary, biased, right wing pish. That's why. It still has an air of the right wing "at least Hitler got things done", attitude carried over from the 1930's (obviously before the invasion of Poland) and never lets facts get in the way of a good scoop........

    Sports coverage is quite good though.
  6. For a laff, look up the "Daily Mail song" by Russell Howard on Youtube. Sums the paper up in a minute.
  7. Fixed that for you.
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  8. Sports better in the Grauniad though....
  9. There's no excuse for that, as the penultimate post of the thread you moaned about the closure of gives all the information and links you need.
  10. Maybe I should just give up and refuse to believe anything bad about: The Civil Service; The Government; North Korea; Chelsea F C; Mr. Prescott; Pit Bull Terriers; Paedophiles; Jonny Wilkinson & His League of Nations; Imelda Marcos and 'Sven/Whet'.
  11. If you cannot see that it is a comic purporting to be a newspaper, then you need to open your eyes a little bit more. I contend that much of the 'news' in the Daily Wail is based upon a strand of truth but conflated beyond acceptable levels in order to keep the naive readers content.
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I'll confess to a morbid fascination with their website for two reasons: One to see how they can take a relatively straight story and turn it into a hysterical (not as in funny) plot with associated wordage and captions that leaves in you no mind that it has an opinion, usually biased towards a them and us situation. Two for the unbelievably stupid comments that posters leave in the comments section.

    I remember someone from the PCC briefing us on my DMOC course a couple of years ago and he said he'd lost count of the amount of times that people had emailed the organisation to say that the 'Daily Mail's shit, can you close it down please?' but went on to say that it currently has the largest circulation in the UK. Still doesn't make it a Pullitzer prize-winning broadsheet though.