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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ceecee, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. I appreciate that JPA is not yet upon the TA but have a puzzlement...If it is correct that claims for pay and MMA are to be entered into the system and will not be paid unless done so...what happens to all the training that is done out of camp, where you are nowhere near a camp and therefore not have the ability to input into the system.
    I am specialist unit TA (sorry - nationally recruited) and work with the recruiting team where quite often we travel to the location from home and then back home again. Might not be anywhere near a camp with a system for months.
    Equally the soldier who undertakes the minimum 19 day commitment may never be at base to enter details into the system-does this mean that they will never be paid ???
    Sorry if this has been answered before, its not really a worry - just a puzzle?

  2. This issue must have been addressed?? Your best bet would be to speak to whoever is reponsible for your admin/inputting your pay for reassurance - or failing that to ask the question of the CoC before it's too late!!
  3. Paywog that's optimistic, no one can yet tell me how normal TA pay will be processed once UNICOM is "switched off". I suppose he will have to complete a manual form and send it to his Unit HR to input to ......?
  4. I must admit that's something I hadn't given much thought to - assuming it was all part of the big plan and we would learn all about it when the training occurs next month!! I take it you asked the question of the SPS chain - with the usual response!! Surely FORGE will be up to the task when UNICOM goes! We've just had the usual letter regarding forthcoming MFPI asking us to produce TAMIS reports even though we have staffed up the fact that FORGE cannot produce them! Progress eh!
  5. If anyone wants to PM me, with direct questions regarding TA JPA, I will forward them onto the appropriate authority to try and get an official responce and post the answers here.
  6. When DII(F) is rolled out UNICOM will be an application as opposed to a separate system so there should be no problems there. As regards JPA, once you have your username and password you can access your account from any terminal. As there will be e-kiosks in every military establishment in the country you shouldn't have a problem finding one.
  7. But what if you are nowhere near a military establishment?? ie, recruiting-hotels?
  8. Then ye're bu**ered!
  9. Brewmeister, you are mistaken, yes a DII unit has UNICOM as an icon (I am looking at mine now) but when JPA goes live UNICOM G1 will be switched off and no one will explain how TA pay will be input then.
  10. I'll find out for you. Or if you PM me with your location I can find out who your Atlas estate manager is and they should know.
  11. TA pay will be input into Forge by the unit admin team on TANet - JPA will not handle TA pay for some time - if at all, so you will only need access to a JPA terminal to make claims (1771), update records. UNICOM G1 may be switched off eventually but not for some time.

    UNICOM will continue to be an icon on DII as it currently is on TANet - all units will keep their UNICOM servers which will connect to DII, and just lose the green screens.
  12. Finkestein, that just wont work, think of it, input TA pay on FORGE if you have it, download it input it to UNICOM, then what, UNICOM will not be transmitting any TSRs. If a TA member is posted in you will not be receivibng an emailed record so you wont have a record to input the pay for!
  13. I'm presuming that FORGE will upload direct into the Mainframe. There's no other way, unless we go back to the old days of posting the PAM50 to Glasgow.
  14. Did anyone get any further on this one??
  15. There is supposed to be a new system to directly input TA pay to JPA. FORGE will download details from JPA for its needs (I think). I've certainly been told that units administering (only) the TA will not need FORGE, full TA units will need it for the Force Regeneration role.

    To answer the original question, if you do not have access to JPA to input claims there is still a manual form which units then have to send to the JPAC for processing.