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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Subb0, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello I was hoping you could be kind enough to tell me how to put some on I went for my TA health check and I was one stone under weight. I was hoping you could tell me a good way of gaining some weight the thing is i'm a student so I can't really afford to eat steaks every day and beer (and the black stuff) doesn't really help either. Would weight gain be a good option? and just really heavy weights? (obliviously cheapish options would be greatly appreciated)
    i'm 6.5 and only weight 10s and need to weight 11.. Thanks for any help you could give me. (I have looked through the other threads like this but I havn't really found them that helpful) So in a sum up some thing I can get cheap ( I would be willing to get some weight gain stuff) I don't have much fridge space or large sums of cash (I can no doubt stock up on tuna) so tinned food would be a good option.any other questions let me know I really want to join up but I can't just yet..
    Thank you again
  2. protein powder, tuna tastic and stacks of weights.

    Proper pull ups and press ups are cheap!

    Squats build mass apparently

    You'll put it on, may take a while though

    Find a large musclebound psycho in the gym and train with them....always works for me lol

    Oh and stop running marathons!!
  3. Pasta is cheap and easy to store. After I left the regs about 15 mths ago I was living off pasta, jacket spuds and tuna and training hard in the gym too. Without realising it id bulked up to about 13 1/2 stone about a stone heavier than id ever weighed before and with little body fat. Try to stay away from the weight gain powders until they becomes a last resort.
  4. 3 litres of Natches Cider is £2.99. A bottle a night should see you right. Do that and a kebab each night (with the meat re-fried in chillie sauce) that shouldnt break the bank. You will either gain weight or your world will fall out your arrse in which case you will loose weight.............hmmmm, ah fcuk it its worth a try eh?
  5. Get married.... it works for women!!
  6. Brilliant thanks Alas I seems to repel women and If I started to crap the world out my arse even more so.
    I'll start stuffing down the stuff and doing the press up I've got some weights i've been lent on the way so i'll start using them and ideas of what kinda of weights or just what even I can handle.. at moment i've got 10kg and I do sets of 10 reps or would it be worth doubling that and just doing 5 reps? I also do as many press ups when ever I can. i need to install my pull up bar at some point too..
    Thanks again for fast reply s
  7. You're Peter Crouch aren't you?
  8. Who?
    the lanky looking one?
  9. Not a Liverpool or England fan then?
  10. No sorry for one I don't have a t.v.. but I know who you mean alas I am also lanky bugger too.. I prefer the term Athletic though..
  11. I havent bothered reading the other posts so I apologise if this information is regurgitated!

    First of all, stay away from the weight gain s.h.i.t.e as it's just pure crap in them!

    look at your diet, is it healthy? do you eat crappy microwave meals full of salt and sugar? if so, STOP ;) throw away all the microwave rubbish!


    eat Tuna, good source of protein and omega oils, chicken breast (skinless) you can get fairly cheap, wholewheat pasta is good for bulking up and is also very cheap to buy, eggs - reasonably priced and an excellent source of protein!

    it is recommended to eat about 4-6 small meals a day so you keep your metabolism going and your blood sugar doesnt reduce too much.

    as I say, wholewheat pastas, eggs, ALL veg, fruit, 2-2.5 litres of water a day (small amounts throughout the day), tuna (in brine is usually cheaper), skinless chicken breast, wholewheat rice etc...

    you dont necessarily need any supplements such as protein shakes if you buy the right foods but if you want to try them buy the 'whey' protein supplements as it's easily digested, usually maximuscle but it's expensive, you could try the 'Precision Engineering' brand that's sold in holland & barret, I have used this brand.

    Here is a sample diet I use, but I also change the plan often:


    Porridge or Shredded wheat with chopped up banana, use skimmed/semi-skimmed milk.
    Protein shake (if using), skimmed or semi skimmed.


    Chopped up fruit

    Tuna and light mayo sandwiche with spring onions on brown bread/granery bread.

    Couple of hours after:- chopped up fruit


    Chicken breast, wholewheat pasta with your choice of pasta sauce and
    selection of veg.

    I also usually have something light a couple of hours before bed, maybe even a protein shake.

    just keep it simple!
  12. As heavy as you can without compromising form. Stick to low reps with heavy weights, try sets of 12,10, 6-8. The final set should be to failiure i.e so you cant do any more. Try googling "Compound exercises" these are exercises that work more than one muscle and your workout should mainly be based around them.
  13. Obviously you've gone to some trouble to give Lofty some sound advice here US but why would a six foot five, 10 stone streak of wind take the skin off his chicken and buy semi skimmed milk?

    Lofty - you should decide what "fitness" you are looking for, if you just want to be bigger then high weight / low reps is what you are looking for but if you want to be "fitter" then you are looking for a different approach.

    If you just want to get rid of the Skeletor nickname and stop kids pointing at you in the street (you freaky fecker) then just get your self down to McDonalds.
  14. Its not Natches. Its Natch.

    And Natch is the nectar of the gods.
  15. Chip butties and dripping cake.....
    Breads always good.