Putting weight on

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jocky5, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Since I returned from H10 I've struggled to get the weight back on.

    Normally 12.5-13 Stone, I am now less than 12 stone. Quite a few of the guys I was with are also looking a shadow of their former selves, so it is not just me.

    I am fit and CFTs, running etc, no problems, but I do want to get back up to my normal weight and look a bit healthier, any suggestions.

  2. If you have a healthy BMI I wouldn't worry too much unless you mean you've lost a lot of muscle mass.
  3. Pies?
  4. Ta very much bud, can I have chips too and brown sauce?
  5. just eat more!! simples
  6. It's rude not to!
  7. My thoughts exactly, I'll pay for the brews and cakes, one has to have cakes after pie and chips :D
  8. Doesn't work for my racing snake figure :lol:
  9. buy a whole cooked chicken from tescos, loaf of bread and few bottles of ale

    ....................*sniff trying to keep away from it :'(
  10. BMI is Ok, but still lost muscle as well as fat. My mates are in the same situation. Don't really want to just eat crap to get the weight on and I am still running 3 times a week.

    Medical checks out OK and I am not sure about the muscle/mass builder powder mixes.

    Does anyone knows if these mixtures actually work.
  11. They're not bloody steroids 8O
  12. Whey Isolate does. But only in conjuction with a good weight training program. :)
  13. Since my top running speed is only slightly faster than Continental Drift, my heart weeps purple p1ss for you.

    You jammy b@stard. :(
  14. You know the answer your just hoping someone on here pops up with a simpler solution:

    Start smashing the weights and destroying a pie in between sets. Get the fat and muscle back on, then the running will find your natural balance of the two until you return to your usual form.
  15. You know the answer your just hoping someone on here pops up with a simpler solution:


    Thanks for you help.