Putting up a fight... in aid of charity!

I realise we did this last year, but if you want to know why we're doing it again this year then just look at the number of fatalities and injuries over the last two weeks or so...

This email was just sent out to all subscribers of our mailing lists and I thought, as the support we received from ARRSE was outstanding last year, I'd risk repeating myself and let you know what we're up to this year!

For more details you can pop over to this page, or carry on reading below...

Original Email said:
*** Apologies if you are subscribed to more than one of our mailing lists, we hope you don't mind getting this more than once! ***

Sometimes you have a great idea and everything just falls into place. Sometimes you have a great idea and you find yourself unable to achieve your goal. But sometimes you have a great idea and know what you need to do to achieve it, but need a little help to get there...

...which is where we find ourselves now. We have the idea, we've set the wheels in motion and we know exactly what we need to do... we just can't get there on our own!

What we want to do is release a single in aid of HELP for HEROES and the Poppy Appeal.

So far we've written the songs, got the approval of the charities, got the support of the MoD, a music industry PR company and a video production company.

What we need to do now is raise the finance to record the tracks, shoot the video, produce the product and publicise the whole thing. To do that we need to raise £5000 - not all at once but we need an initial sum of about £2000 to start the process. And that's where we need your help.

There are several ways you can help:

You can buy any of our music or merchandise directly from our website here. (All available funds are being used to support the project).

You can buy the download of our recent gig at Sheffield, aptly titled 'Live @ The Boardwalk' for whatever price you see fit here. The gig was recorded direct from the desk and has been mixed by Si Banks of Woo Studios to give you a true live experience, it's an unedited recording exactly as played on the night, warts and all! (And it's great!)

You can simply donate to our 'Fighting Fund' by clicking the donate button here.

Everyone who donates to the 'Fighting Fund', either via the donate button or by purchasing 'Live @ The Boardwalk' will be credited on the single cover notes.

We're not asking the Earth. There are roughly 1,000 fans between our various sites so £2 from each of you would enable us to record the tracks, distribute it online and start the pre-release campaign. £5 or more would mean we are able to complete the project without using any of the sales revenue to cover the costs and more money could be given to the Charities.

In essence we're asking you to finance the production of a product which will benefit the charities, we are not asking you to donate to the charity. We think the difference is important.

We hope that you'll help us achieve our goal...

All the best,

Supporting HELP for HEROES and the Poppy Appeal
Please note that we are, at this time, not asking for donations which will go to the charities, but for funds to enable us to achieve our aim of releassing a chart eligible single which will raise substantial amounts for the charities in question. Anyone who helps us will receive a free download of the single once it's produced and, as it states above, you'll be credited in the liner notes of the single.

I hope you will offer the same support as you did last year... the need is greater now than ever.



Supporting HELP for HEROES and the Poppy Appeal
A good piece of work there MR. I downloaded it earlier and I'm going to give it a thrashing on the MP3 player. The guitar harmonies are gleaming - I'm extremely jealous of those nimble-fingered freaks. Keep up the good work.


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