Putting unemployed sailors to good use!

I've just been reading about the US Army's 'Blue to Green Program'.


WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Jan. 25, 2007) - The Army's "Blue to Green" program, designed to allow airmen, sailors and Marines affected by force shaping to move to the Army, recently hit a milestone, a Defense Department official said here yesterday.

"Just in the past couple of weeks we've had our 1,000th transfer," Bill Carr, acting deputy undersecretary of defense for military personnel policy, said in an interview.

An effect of the Air Force and Navy downsizing is fewer opportunities for airmen, sailors and Marines to continue in their career fields, he said. The Army's Blue to Green interservice transfer program, open to officers and enlisted personnel, affords an alternative to leaving military service.

What do you all think, could it work here?



Magnificent idea! But let them keep the blue. A naval Brigade has historical precedent and would add a touch of class to any campaign.................their seadart/seawolves bootstrapped to an old bedford to provide organic AD.......the jolly shanties..........um....er........

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