Putting together some boxes for the sandpit

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bomb_mac, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. EX_STAB wrote:
    I've put together the following list for field troops on Herrick:

    Plastic sealed container (as described above)
    Food items - for improving Compo:
    Stock cubes / oxo
    mixed herbs
    chilli peppers
    mustard powder
    black pepper
    curry powder
    garlic powder
    (above packed in bags in film canisters)

    wet wipes
    cotton buds
    lip salve
    nail brush (useful for more than nails - heavy duty item)
    Sticking plasters
    Safety pins
    Nail clippers

    Make and Mend:
    darning wool and needle
    strong thread for webbing repairs
    stanley knife with blades
    insulating tape

    Playing cards
    ziplock bags
    trouser twists


    Is this sort of stuff going to be useful and well received or should we just send cake and fags? I imagine that this is the sort of stuff that you buy for yourself to deploy with (well I would) and that can't be replaced when it runs out.

    Sensible comments only please.

    Ex STAB

    I'm putting together some boxes at work and wanted to know:

    Are chinagraphs preffered over lumicolour?
    Do lumi's dry out too quick?
    I have access to both as a stationer.
  2. Hey I did something noteworthy! ;)

    By lumicolour I assume you mean the magic markers for whiteboards etc.

    The point of chinagraphs is that they will write on skin (handy for medics), plastic, (handy on laminated maps), metal, paint, (handy on vehicles) etc. etc.

    I got some good feedback on the boxes I sent out so I think you won't go far wrong if you send similar parcels.

    If you send a load of parcels you can saw Chinagraphs and pencils in half. Nobody ever uses one all the way to the end so you get twice as many for your money!

    Here's a link to the original thread. Note that the addresses are now out of date. It's got links to some good products etc. though.

    Good effort and all power to your elbow!
  3. Polo's or extra strong mints. Trust me on this one. Total morale boosters they are.
  4. Bloody hell

    Ex_Stab said:

    Never thought they would still be around.

  5. Just send porn on dvd with fake covers when i got my teenage mutant turtles box set everything was cushty
  6. Doesn't help when you don't like TMNT and re-route the DVD home for your 6yr old son to watch! :lol:
  7. port or red wine in ribena bottles .....! White wine in esberg non alcoholic wine bottles

    make sure food items have markings as guys i know have had 10 weeks on compo in Afgan FFS

    Toothbrush and Toothpaste I alway thought were great! stickies the Haribio variety are a winner,Biscuits as in the usual stuff (not choc its arrives as a big melted shite after 4 weeks in an iso)

    Great idea to post dvds of local news or even local papers

    a fan (mains) was the best item I ever got!