Putting pressure on the gobment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pillager, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Any other ideas on how to embarass the government?

    White feathers to be shown at all events where failing politicians are in attendance. Has a nice historical overtone, with regards to not having the gumption to do you part - traditionally given to conscientious objectors for not doing their bit in the great war.
  2. Can we not just turn our backs on rembrance sunday?
  3. If you want,
    But something of scale that cant go un-noticed. Yet retains a level of dignity.
  4. And forget all the lads who've given their lives? Thought you wanted to embarrass the government not yourself.
  5. Will these acts be aimed at members of members of ALL political parties who have let down the forces? Or would they only be aimed at the latter. After all, the Lib Dems (the party to which I belong) have done precious little in this area.

    I ask because acts like these aimed only at the labour party would be deemed overtly political and might colour what people think about our emerging federation.

    I think that white feathers handed out by a bod in uniform would be an excelent idea - starting with that man? Galloway
  6. Don't think that would work, not everyone would do it.

    Know it's a very special day for a lot of people and not something a lot of ex-forces blokes would be able to give up.

    Must be another way?
  7. I disagree with Sven. It needs to be political. These are Tony Blair's wars, they were wars of choice and he knew how under funded and under equipped his forces were. Keep BAFF out of it.

    Remembrance Sunday should not be touched IMO
  8. NOT in this way. Remembrance Sunday is not about the goverment of the day. By all means come up with ways to p*ss of or otherwise embarress HMG, but Remembrance Sunday is the province of the Nation and Commonwealth as a whole.
  9. Id agree that the sanctity of remeberance Sunday is for the soldiers who have gone before, and that it isnt a time for making a political point.

    The return of public shaming for those not supporting the effort of their Soldiers after nearly 100 years would be a media scoop.
  10. Does feel like whatever anyone does the government doesn't listen, or care. Only thing inportant is what they want to be important, what they say is how things are. What ever happened to democracy?

    Other countries have refurendums on important issues, we just get told what's going to happen wether we like it or not.

  11. I agree entirely that we shopuld keep BAFF out of it. Journalists however might make the connection when there is none. As for not supporting the troops - has Kenneth Clarke, has Alec Salmond (He would have You in the Hague for prosecuting an 'illegal war' the government got You into) and I n eed not mention the member for Bow again need I
  12. I agree that something should be done, but Rememberance Sunday should be left well alone. Perhaps a large scale demonstration backed up by a consolidated campaign on behalf of our troops. The campaign should be representative of servicemen/women of all groups (ie: race, religion etc) and should always be about to counter any arguement by Islamic extremists, Government spokesmen etc. At the moment the services have no voice and they should have. If this was any other organisation there would be a trade union to speak for the membership, I know unions are not always the best of organisations, but that often depends on the membership and who they elect to speak for them.

    I personally would support this and would get involved as much as possible, perhaps we should give serious thought to an ARRSE campaign (although I reckon a different name should be used if the campaign should be taken seriously).

    Any ideas folks?
  13. At the moment in the media there seems to be growing enertia for story type "the government is not supporting the troops". One or two more stories which highlight the situation would be very useful.

    Any action taken should be positive, I.E. helping in some way which shames the government. Any 'negative' campaining may backfire lose the support of the public. Hit the politicians where it hurts - the voters.

    So, as has been mentioned previously, help at selly-oak hospital, with CP* or by tidying up the families accomodation. get the media along to see whats being done.


    *This would need to be handled VERY carefully as it could go badly wrong.
  14. Sven I have some lawyer contacts in the Hague and yes they do believe the Iraq war was illegal. Pity the PM did not listen to Ken Clarke. Blair took us to war on a lie and to date nearly 3000 coalition troops have died, countless have suffered terrible injuries and well over 60,000 Iraqis have died. I am not interested in arguing with you, but I do believe Blair should be made accountable for his decisions.
  15. And turn our backs on those that died? Don't disgrace yourself. Can't believe you said such a thing.