Putting Politics Before the Good of the Country

Another example of my view that differences within our current partisan political system, especially on the national level, are really in degree not kind is the flap over the weekend surrounding the statements of the chair of the Republican National Committee to the effect the Afghanistan War was "Obama's War" and that it was a "lost cause." To say such things at a ttime when our gallant young men and women are in combat, is wholly inappropriate and reflects the "party first" attitude of many political leaders today who are more concerned with gaining and expanding their personal power (which necessarily means increasing federal power as desired by progressives) regardless of the effect on the nation.
Aye JJ, I think Steele's days are numbered as Chairman!
What really concerns me though is the increasing politicisation of the Supreme Court.
I agree-pols come and go but Justices are forever.
My jaw dropped when I heard the oleaginous toads Schumer and Franken (who recently cheated and sued his way to a Senate seat) accusing the Supreme Court of judicial activism, since they have done some high-profile rulings recently that basically said that the constitution says what it says and no amount of quasi-intellectual reasoning can change that. Basically they were accusing the Supreme Court of being activist because... it wasn't being activist enough in the direction they want.

In other news, given that Barry has not yet shut Guantánamo, I guess it's okay to keep it open and use it now -- I guess those protests went against the camp itself, but against the camp under a Republican president. Expect protests to start again on 21 January 2013 when a Republican takes the presidency again.

As for Mike Steele, he's got to go. And the RNC have to studiously ignore whoever the MSM are putting forward for chairman or presidential candidates -- the Democrat supporting MSM are always encouraging the RNC to pick weak or losing candidates (e.g. McCain, who they promoted and then mercilessly attacked when he got the nomination).

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