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Putting pictures in a post?

How do I go about putting a picture into a post on ARRSE? Is there a way of doing it without the use of the //:http thingy which opens up when i click on insert image?

If I'm being thick then I apologize now. 8O


Book Reviewer
You'll need a URL (the http:// thingy). If the picture is coming from your PC then upload it to a picture sharing site (I use photobucket.com) which will automatically give you a URL.

If it's coming from another site on t'internet then click on 'save as' and copy to your PC then continue as above.
As sixfoot says. The site will only allow pictures from the internet. You cannot upload direct to arrse from your puter.

[img ]http://www.blahblahyourpicturehere.jpg[/img ]

So long as you have the URL (the address for the picture), it can be shown on arrse.

Another method is right clicking over the picture you want to use, click on properties, highlight the address for the picture (easy to spot as it will end in .jpg, .gif etc), copy the address then paste it into the pop up when you click on image above the message box. Failing that, if you are a puter mong, just draw the picture on your screen in crayon and press 'send'. We will see it due to the little folk that work inside your machine.

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