Putting on Weight

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rubles, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've always been skinny but was ill recently and have lost a bit of weight. I'm currently 6"3 and weigh 59KG (around 7.5 stone?). I'm fairly sure that's not healthy!

    So I need to put on weight fast and I'm not sure what the best method is. Ideas anyone?

    Thanks :)
  2. You are anorexic and near death or fatal impairment. See your GP asap.
  3. 4 x Guinness, twice a day. Eat lots of pasties. Watch TV. Seems to work for me.
  4. I'm a skinny cnut with a coffee habit and the metabolism of a cat.

    I feel perfectly healthy but you can see my ribs and things which isn't great. I'll try going running a lot more (cardio I know but whatever) and eat lots. I can never manage eating much in one sitting though.
  5. Might be cancer or something. Get it checked out FFS.
  6. If you are female.... get married... that always does the trick.
  7. Double that 8 Guiness a day and watch TV all day. Stop running so much and hit the weights instead.
  8. Gyms are expensive and it'd just be embarassing to fail badly with weights. I don't think I have cancer or anything, I'm 18 and will just be very skinny.
  9. Save this post for when you are 50 - you will wish then that you were still skinny instead of wondering what your 'old man' looked like because you haven't seen him in 10 years except in the mirror!
  10. Oh and you can buy weights in Argos, just take your mum with you when you get them so you can carry them all home :D
  11. if you have come to your own conclusion that you are just very skinny, stop rubbing it in and get on with it, most womne would either kill you for being that weight or kill trying to get that weight. if your not gonna help yourself by getting fat and doing nothing, stop asking how you should get fat!! lol
  12. Heh I can lift most weights but am not some kind of body builder.

    Jonesy279, I'm hardly rubbing it in as I don't like being very skinny. I shall be putting on weight but want my gain to be healthy as opposed to becoming a fat f**k.
  13. At the moment you wouldn't get into the Army for duties as a pace stick.
  14. Crash weight gain - Holland and Barrett type places (compare it and grab it).

    We subsituted a blokes diet formula powder for some once....how we laughed when he stood on the scales wondering why he wasn't losing weight :D
  15. I'm attending selection this Thursday. Will my weight affect my chances? Forgot to ask!