Putting on effective mass

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dandanthechainsawman, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. i have been in training since January and despite also taking up karate as well as a big training programme yet have have been unable to put on much muscle

    i am 6'1" male, 17 and 10 and 1/2 stone, how do accomplish, or am i ok as i am?
  2. -Since january isn't really a long time, You could maybe expect one or two pounds of good mass a month depending on diet or training.

    -Karate wont really help put on mass, a proper training programme and good diet is key for that.

    -Your only young, despite a lot of training i was only 11 stone at 5'9" when i was 18, Not much happened till I was in my early twenties when I just bulked up a lot. Am know 22 and i'm 15 stone.

    -Depending on what your goals are you need to tailor your training, are you going for the army?
  3. In my totally unexpert opinion, but with pretty good results for me:

    Diet is very important if you have a high metabolism and have trouble putting on some mass like me. You have to eat well and then do the exercise to make your body need the extra calories you are taking in. Lots of healthy foods, tuna, chicken, stuff like that. I was 11 stone, and 5'9", but in a relatively short time of going to the gym and working out, drinking protein shakes, and increasing my diet healthily, I put on half a stone of muscle. I could have probably continued to a good 12 stone by now if I had kept it up. But I'm laaaaazy.

    Food or exercise alone won't really work.
  4. Reading between the lines; you want to "look good", right?

    While karate training will keep you supple and improve your CV effectiveness, if you want to bulk up, you'll have to start shifting very heavy weights on a regular basis. With some people the progress is relatively swift, while with others it's slower. if you have the opportunity to consult a trainer, ask about a split-programme, i.e. a programme in which you concentrate on certain groups of muscles every other day with one day of complete rest per week.

    If you're interested, I can PM you a complete schedule.

  5. Is anyone here in favour of protein shakes and/or those weight gain supplements you can buy from the meathead shop? Or would a high protein diet balanced with carbs do just a good as job if you were aiming for improvements in strength, and (ok I admit it - good looking bulk)?
  6. I feel protein shakes have a very important place. They allow you to fulfill your protein needs quickly and more importantly cheaply. I'd never buy from a shop though, online is the way to go its much cheaper.
  7. You're fine as you are Dan, your BMI is 19.4 which although low, is within the healthy range. Ignore the body fascists, I'm a bit of a racing snake too, and its only ever worked in my favour. Other than vanity, there really is very little reason to need to bulk up, just concentrate on your fitness and learn to be comfortable in your own skin.
  8. Well said
  9. its not the vanity thing, and yes i am looking at the army (RCB briefing in september) paras?

    programmes would be appreciated: i just want to bulk up as i am wiry (read skinny), so yes vanity
  10. Well im 6 ft 4 inches, and 14 1/2 stone. Muscley and tall, am a fcking giant and get the pi55 taken out of me on a regular basis, and you always get the stereotypes who ask you crap like "Oh you think your all it cus your big". You probobly recieve crap for bieng so skinny, i get it for bieng on the larger side(All muscle, honest!) i would just be happy as you are matey, bieng skinny and wieghtless i bet you could do press-ups and run all day, whereas i cant but i could carry jerry cans around all day.
    There be ups and downs for all body types. And as to looking good, its all in the eye of the beholder, some ladies like them big some like them small (Gahahah)
  11. Trust me Dan, wiry is good! You'll go further, faster, on less calories, your body will dissipate excess heat faster, you may lose out slightly in the raw power stakes, but you'll make up for it in stamina.
    Ask anyone who's been around a bit "Who's the hardest man you ever knew?" and 9 times out of 10, it wont be some 6'7" 250lb monster, it'll be some 5'7" 126lb wringing wet (gwar, Scots) 17 year L/Cpl :wink: . Just work on your attitude, an ounce of atititude is worth ten pounds of mass, e-v-e-r-y time! :D

    NB: For the record, I'm neither gwar, Scots nor a L/Cpl.
  12. If your rcb is in september. sod the mass and just concentrate on the running. The mass may look pretty but it wont help you at rcb. As for attitude I'd happily take on a 125 pound weakling however pissed off he is rather than my 17 stone flat mate who would pull my arms off and beat me with the sticky end.
  13. The fat g1t has to catch you first
  14. Yeh, cus obviously, Russell Grant could banjo Barry Mcguigan with both hands tied beyind his back! :roll:
  15. Don't bother with the bulking up because when you start your Basic Training you'll lose it all anyway due to the amount of CV training you will be introduced to,and the last thing you'll want to do in your spare time,not that you'll have any,is go down the gym and pump some iron ! The only thing that will be on your mind is Sleeeeeeeep :D