Putting civilian diving qualification to good use in the TA

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by rogue_trader, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. As a qualified PADI divemaster, and with ambitions to turn qualification into fully fledged instructor next year, is there a way I can put this to good use within the TA, IE TA diving groups etc.

    Would love to help in some way if there is.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Just apply direct to the SBS(R) mentioning your qualifications:

    Director Special Forces
    Hamworthy Barracks
    BH15 4NQ
  3. Just got off the phone with them, apparently I am over qualified.
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  5. Military sport diving follows BSAC rules, guidelines and qualification scheme. Any official sport diving, particularly expeditions need to be controlled by a SADS (Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor) a qualification unique to the military and recognised by BSAC. Any sport diving carried out under the PADI scheme would need to be done unoficially as an out of hours activity.

    BTW I do not see how you are 'over qualified' as a PADI DM as it only equates to BSAC Dive Leader and can be achieved (unfortunately) with very little experience. If you were a PADI Course Director/Master Instructor/Tech Instructor I could understand you being over qualified but as a DM with no intructor ticket you are very much under qualified.
  6. k13eod,

    thanks for a bit of useful info. How does one go about working on getting a SADS qual?

    my post about being overqualified was a tongue in cheek reply to Alsacien's post RE the SBS above. I am more than aware that divemaster qualifications are not anything to shout from the roof about- I picked mine up as a bonus to an underwater archaeology course. But if I can put that to more use or build on it I would love to.

    if you could PM me any details you have, as you seem quit knowledgeable on the subject.


  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    To apply to become a SADS you will need to be a BSAC Adv Diver (for at least a year), hold a Diver Coxn ticket and VHF cert as the entry standard, a pre SADS course is also a vital precursor to the test week. The assessment is run over a week with theory and a week of planning, briefing and supervising dives, with staged emergency scenarios - everthing is assessed, the planning, kitting, briefing and control of activities, as is your boat handling, first aid and rescue management skills.

    As a STAB I suspect it is next to impossible to do in the current climate.....
  8. Cheers mate, saved me answering ... I've been driving half the day delivering Chrimble presents before heading norf! Your last sentence is the crux of your post! I have known two SADS who were civvies, one who had never served but was an outstanding member of a military diving club and attended the courses, the other was an ex regular who qualified before retirement.

    As R_T is a PADI diver I would also add that BSAC Advanced Diver does NOT equate to what PADI might consider 'advanced'!
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  10. k13eod/Alsacien,

    thanks again for the info. do you think it would be better if I converted my PADI quals over to BSAC? Like I said originally, I have been offered to up my divemaster to instructor next year but I have heard that BSAC is a better course than PADI. As you said it would be quite hard to get any military sponsored time in the water, when there are better things to be bought like body armour at the moment. I was thinking of taking it back to basics, something like own time diving clubs, or an arrse diving club. (maybe arrse would be too afraid to have a diving club in case its members tried to drown each other.....)

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  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If you want to be involved in military sport diving BSAC is the way to go - but the rest of the world gets by just fine with PADI.....SADS will not help you get a summer job on the Great Barrier Reef, and PADI Instructor opens up options for travel (shit money but you can live on it in a bamboo hut on Lala Island).
    Suggest you join a local club in UK (many are multi agency) and figure out the ways of the world for yourself.
  12. Alsacien,

    based on your advice I have already spoken to JSSADC and my local BSAC club. Thanks for opening up my eyes to BSAC, so much better system, I am going to turn my divemaster into a Dive leader ticket and then move up the chain to becoming Advanced diver then instructor, before applying to go to SADS. Apparently Reserves have just as much possibility to go on the SADS list as regulars, bing they dont care where you are from as long as you are a good instructor (hence k13eod's civilian friends doing the course) but not so on the lower courses, which are priority allocated to fulfil regular bods requirements of adventure training.

    informative post and certainly got me aiming in the right direction. thanks.
  13. R T what cap badge are you?
    not a bone question ,just might lead to a diving tangent