ANyone know where I can get my hands on some, I need quite a few pairs but not willing to pay a fortune for them, Silvermans *coughripoffcough* are banging them out for almost 20 sheets which I find a tad excessive or and please don't say Ebay, yes they are for sale but I need to source moewr than just one or two

Any shops out there will a stockpile they want to gedt rid of ?

eBay. Sorry.

I know you said "don't say eBay" but it's the logical place to look.

I'm not advocating bidding for one at a time, though. One current seller is flogging one pair every two days and has heaps of kit in his eBay shop. Chances are he has a stack of them to get rid of.

"Ask seller a question" as in "How much for 10 pairs on Buy it Now?" or bid and win 1st pair then, having got his details, phone him and ask what he wants for a batch of puttees.


(Oh, what a coincidence).

PS I'd let you have mine, but I've got plans for them. When I finally hand my kit in, I'll be the smartest-dressed 70's style soldier that the barracks has seen in a long time! And no need to change the rank badges, either. Hmmm.
Do you have DMS ankle boots to complete the effect ? Or like so many of my fellow crabs will you wear shoes with them :lol:
Many people sneer at Puttees of course but I was never once bitten by a snake while I was wearing them!
I handed all my kit in last year and for some perverse reason I kept hold of them. I showed them to the lads at work. They were gob smacked. "This bit goes round here, then it goes round here again. When you've done that it goes around two or three more times before you get to the very narrow bit. You take the narrow bit and it goes round here a few time until theres no more left and you secure it like so". Apparently they double up as bandages. Fcuk I'd hate to bleed into one of those.
Mr_Deputy said:
i have a couple of pairs for use walking in wet weather
Yes, wearing ankle weights has good training value. :?

Mr_Deputy said:
- one I have had dyed blue so look a bit less "odd"
and match jeans etc.
In this day and age, wearing puttees looks odd enough, but to dye one of them blue so as not to attract attention??? 8O
I suppose you've got jeans that have one khaki leg?

You "have had dyed blue"? I hate people who get paid so much that they can avoid the mundane tasks in life! :wink:
Oh puttees.

Was doing the WW1 reenactment this weekend and trying to get the point of a 9 foot WW1 puttee to end on the outher trouser seam is a nightmare.

How many pairs do you want wellyhead?

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