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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. It is a article that is worth a read I think it is insightful as to what is happening in Russia today. I put in quotes certain things that I thought stood out in the article.



  2. I've spent some time in Russia and a few years 'escorting' Russian businessmen, doctors, scientists, engineers, etc. throughout the US. I think he's overstated some of the drive towards 'Russianess' although it is there and they are proud of their heritage.

    Most Russians I met tend to be schizophrenic about the US; they admire a lot of our economic strengths, some aspects of our democracy and culture, our technology and science and interestingly almost every Russian I've ever met thinks Bill Gates is a genious. But many of them, including one guy and his wife who I lived with in Russia and were very educated--they reserached something to do with brain chemistry--thinks the fall of the Soviet Union was planned and carried out by the US. Cultural imperialism is a big complaint as well, the girl I was dating at the time was adament about American culture being aggresively exported throughout the world. The same girl loved Madonna, Calvin Klein clothing and cried when we watched Titanic on a locally pirated VHS tape. Go figure.
  3. Uh, not to sound sarcastic or anything but wasn't that the whole point of the Cold War? The West planned and did as much as possible to try and cripple the USSR. Creating their own little Vietnam in Afghanistan by arming the Taliban, dumping so much money into the military-industrial complex that they have to try and match it or risk having their stuff become obsolete thus helping contribute finishing off their already creaking economy etc. Or did they mean something else more extreme?
  4. The Russians is a people like many others. Not good, not bad. Right expression -'as is'. Though it is true that Russians are more lazy that many others, more naive, more sentimental, less practical and of course drink too much.

    PS. Our women are the best.
  5. Don't be too hard on yourselves, Sergey. I, for one, have always admired the Russian people. You're survivors.
    As a young man coming of age during the cold war, I was taught to see the Russians as enemies, an Evil Empire bent on world domination. As I grew to maturity and began to learn more about the world around me, I began to see just how resilient you are, considering what you've had to deal with in you're history (27 million dead in ww2 alone). But the Russian people simply shrug and carry on. I wonder if my own people would be so strong.

    PS: send a few of those women my way!

  6. They were hinting at something more--well frankly I could never quite bring it out clearly from them--involving internal affairs in the SU by US agents.

    As a side note I don't believe that those things you've mentioned brought about the fall of the Soviet Union. They only accelerated a process that was inevitable, made more so especially after Breshnev and his bunch of cronies took over.
  7. There was a joke among the US expat community in Moscow that the loneliest people in Russia are American women. With so many good looking local women around neither Russian or American men wanted anything to do with them.

    Russian can drink a lot, it's very impressive and sometimes disturbing, but nobody gets drunker than Finns on vacation in St Petersburg. Nobody. Even locals joke about it, anytime Russians make fun of your drinking habits you know you've got a problem.