Putin tells an anecdote about KGB

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by KGB_resident, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Recently Russia's PM, mr.Putin told an anecdote:

    Once an American spy decides to surrender to KGB in Moscow. He comes to the KGB Headquaters in Moscow and tells:

    - I'm a spy, I wish to surrender.
    - What spy?
    - American.
    - Go to the room #5
    He goes there and hears
    - Have you weapons?
    - Yes.
    - Go to the room #7
    He goes to #7
    - Have you any communication equipment?
    - Yes.
    - Go to #20
    He goes to #20
    - I'm an American spy, I have a gun and a radio. I wish to surrender.
    - Have you a task?
    - Yes.
    - So go out and do it. Don't disturb us. We are very busy with our work.
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  2. Vladimir Vladimirovitch is in the UK on a state visit, the first for decades.

    Putin takes tour of Edinburgh | Mail Online

    Call me an old cynic if you will, but I think it's a cunning plan to recce likely targets.

    Anyway, welcome to Scotland VV, and keep a tight grip of your wallet in the tourist shops.

    Edited to add: Sorry about the potholes in the roads.
  3. I don't get it. :?

    Laughing Joe Biden GOP Ad Crop.jpg
  4. Maybe it means they have to have continuous manpower review meetings to achieve 10% annual reductions in budgets and increase productivity.
  5. Now that he has HM seal of approval he is welcome to pop in chez moi any time for a cup of tea.