Putin: Russia is a Defender of Islamic World

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Most importantly KGB-resident, do you believe him :?
  2. Hmmmmmm....Good rewrite of History then....after some cheap oil then? A few arms deals then? Going to make a few bits of kit that don't behave like Zippo's when you rap the hull hard....
  3. Yes and no. Concrete political steps hint that Kremlin begins to play 'Moslem card' however in selfish interests, as most of politicians use to do. The West clearly show that Russia is not its ally and never will be (or will be?). In this situation temporary (of course temporary) close union with Islamic world is regarded in Moscow as useful one. It appears that Israel has upsat Moscow. There was a hope that pro-Israely lobby in Washington would be more pro-Russian. So probably further Israeli interests will be ignored by Russia.
  4. This would be the same Russia that in 1944 deported the Muslim peoples of the Crimea and Caucasus (Karachays, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Crimean Tatars, and Meskhetian Turks) in their entirity to Siberia, right? Or does "always" mean something I don't know?
  5. I don't think that leaders of Moslem countries really see Russia as a devoted defender, rather as a temorary ally (no more).

    As to your examples then Kalmyks (Buddists) were also deported. Half million of ethnically Germans (Christians) was deported from their autonomous republic on Volga river. Stalin nad own reasons for deportations (mainly because of collaboration with Germans, not because of religion).
  6. I think it's great news, gives us somewhere to deport the muslims after our glorious English revolution comes!
  7. 'Our'?
  8. Well you are either with us or against us.... there will be a day of reckoning for those against us.... Watching endless repeats of Eastenders just for starters... barbaric I know but what the hell...
  9. Well I for one will be agin' you then, I fecking hate Nazis.
  10. The same country thats fighting a war in chechyna against ? Oh and did afganistian before it was fashionable :lol: . Oh and supplied shoddy kit which has allowed israel and Usaf pilots to roam the skies of the middle east with
    the greatist risk being blisters on trigger fingers ..
    If russia is a defender of islam might as well turn mecca into a mcdonalds islam is doomed .

    A good thing too tee total kill joys sort of like the wee free only not as scary :twisted:
  11. Sergey,

    I'm sure everyone unfortunate enough to have worn an OMON Police Uniform who has served in either Chechen War would ..er.. beg to differ (Right at the moment their heads were severed). Quite a few Russian army Afghan Vets would as well.
  12. Btw, brother of my wife served (as an officer, now pensioner) in Afghanistan two years. Frankly speaking I don't understand what you mean. Would he support Putin? Probably yes. He is sure that it was a war in Afghanistan but not against Islam, it was against forces supported by USA.

    My personal attitude is more simple: it was senseless, stupid war (btw, Iraqi war is senseless and stupid too).
  13. I think you will find the USA (and the Brits) supported the Afghan Mujahadeen after the Soviet Invasion

    Interestingly, it was allegedly the KGB who some 20 years ago predicted that the greatest threat to the then Soviet Union was Islamic Extremism
  14. Wot like these NAZIs?