Putin - on this one he gets my vote

Well done Putin.

I agree Rickshaw-Major it probably was a publicity stunt, but at least the population of these villages are seeing someone in authority getting****ed about for it!
It's just a pity Conner Murphy couldn't take the same hint over N.I.s water crisis,it would be nice to see a shinner take the blame for once.
Probably posturing for the newspapers but at least someone is accountable. Vlad the Impaler makes his Energy Minister spend New Year in blacked out villages.

Russian energy minister meets New Year without electricity outside Moscow | Russia | RIA Novosti
I loved the line "Putin suggested he go to the blacked out villages and apologise." Babel Fish translation: the Dark Tsar ordered him to get his sorry arse to the affected villages or suffer a fatal accident/suicide/heart attack/all three.

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