Putin lied again. Now about COVID19 vaccine.


I also think that it’s not in the make-up of such men to consider that such a fall from grace is possible. I’ve got no doubt that Putin sleeps the sleep of the righteous.

still has his KGB issue service pistol and keeps his eye in.

Personally, I would not be surprised if the Russians have got a working vaccine, they had a truly formidable biological warfare research establishment, and it didn’t go away.

I thought the more capable ones headed west once they had the chance...

Anyway, an article from someone who does this kind of stuff for a living (there are several other accessible articles that describe what's happening on the vaccine front, if you're curious):

And if that's too boring, I highly recommend his blog articles on the subject of chemicals what go *BANG* and *WHOOMPH*...
A company produces a product, donates $ to a politician who then mandates that you must inject the company’s product into your body.

What could possibly go wrong?


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Lends credibility to the poster. It also elicits a response which will inform the reversocycle as it becomes apparent that the Rodina doesn't actually have a functioning vaccine at this present time.

ETA to add an a. I'm funny that way.

Spot ON

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