Putin illustrates leadership philosophy releasing judo DVD


He has spent his political life twisting arms and throwing rivals off balance. Now Vladimir Putin is teaching the same tricks to a new generation of Russians with an instructional video on judo.
Mr Putin is famously a black belt at judo and perhaps the only world leader who is as skilled at self-defence as his bodyguards. Less well known is the fact that he is a former judo champion of his home city of St Petersburg, then Leningrad, where the video was launched at a late-night presentation minutes into his birthday.
Contest: who can propose the best congratulation to mr.Putin (of course in NAAFI style)?

Btw, mr.Putin is not phisically very strong (from my point of view). When I met him 3 years ago he complained that my handshake was too hard.
sh1t in his presidential toilet?
Now he has a DVD of his own are we going to see a crackdown on Russian pirated DVD's then Sergey?

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