Putin could return as President next year

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by parapauk, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Shock horror; a man who enjoys a genuine 92% popularity in many parts of his vast country could become president :roll:
  2. Jesus doesn't have 92% popularity in the Vatican 8)
  3. Shoking? But why? Mr.Putin had been sitting on the presidental chair 8 years. So what special would happen if he becomes a president again?

    Personally I don't believe these rumours. Likely, mr.Medvedev would sit full term and then... then mr.Putin would be elected for 6 years in 2012 and reelected in 2018. In 2024 it is possible that mr.Medvedev would stand for presidency. Further in 2030... only God knows what would happen.
  4. If you can't see that it isn't healthy to have the same person in charge for 30+ years, which is, incidently, against the spirit, if not the letter, of Russia's constitution, then compaired to you yes, I do have the ability to know what is best for others.

    And if you're honestly comparing the political path of Russia, that in the last hundred years has gone from Kings to Communists to Crooks to KGB, to that of the UK, you've also got zero sense of perspective.
  5. What was Putin's daughter's name again... :(
  6. clever fcuker thats for sure.
  7. Wasn't aware he was standing for election. Perhaps he'll get Sarah Palin as his running mate to attract the Christian vote ;)
  8. Mr.Putin has two daughters - Katya (Kate) and Masha (Mary). Their photos are unavailable. This one is rare exception (mr.Putin with his wife and Masha).

  9. his wife is younger than his daughter - i love this bloke already
  10. 1) The Russian consititution is written by Russians for Russians. They can have whatever constitution the wish as far as I'm concerned.

    2) If the Russians choose to have the same bod in charge for 30 years, so be it.

    I made it clear I was not calling this a good thing, nor a desireable thing, simply that it is the choice of the Russian public.

    Now, the democracy the have is not the same as 'ours', but it certainly no worse.

    In the UK, the system we have is we elect an individual to represent the people of a consituency. On taking his/her seat, they automatically ignore that and represent the party to which they belong. And if they have a clash of concience, out come the party whips to restore order! The 'whipping system' is utterly UNDEMOCRATIC.

    Then you have the executive, which under the last PM, became a bit of a select group of advisors with very little parliamentary or public scrutiny. Policy was trailed and trialed through devious semi-official leaks, and announcements made before even cabinet or parliament knowledge. 'Sofa policy' is utterly UNDEMOCRATIC.

    And, let's not forget, ZANU-NL have a significant majority in the one House that really matters, and yet only managed about 22% of the voting public and 35% of those who bothered to cast a vote. Hmmmmm!

    And finally, our system allows the top man to be in charge forever, or until he dies...

    I'd say Putin & Co is significantly more in touch with the demands of his population that HMG. He does represent them, and not us, you know. :)
  11. Who was in charge of what for 30+ years? Isn't democracy about the will of majority of the country that goes to vote? If the Russians would choose to elect a polar bear, it's their right!
  12. Good looking daughter!