Putin accuses US of undermining Russian polls


President Vladimir Putin on Monday accused the United States of trying to "discredit" Russia's parliamentary elections by pressuring foreign observers to abandon their monitoring mission.

Putin made the accusation as his government came under sharp criticism over the weekend jailing of opposition leader and former chess champion Garry Kasparov during protests dispersed by riot police ahead of Sunday's elections.

On a campaign swing through his home town of Saint Petersburg, he said monitors from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) cancelled a planned mission to Russia "on the recommendation of the American State Department."

"The aim is to discredit the elections, but they won't achieve their goal," Putin said during a meeting with supporters from a youth group. "These elections will take place according to the rule of law."
Guess Freedom and Democracy isn't for everyone ...


ghost_us said:
Guess Freedom and Democracy isn't for everyone ...
Especially Russia
Nice theory but doesn't work - a verdict by the OSCE that the Russian elections were either 'free but not fair' (as last time), or more likely this time 'nether free nor fair' would do far more damage to Russia that a simple absence of an OSCE presence. But then again, I doubt anyone in Russia will state this publicly, and even if they do, the little Putin Youth group he was addressing won't listen.

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