Putin accepts resignation of entire cabinet

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by freedomman, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Given the Bears probing our responses again and that feckin' great bomb they're testing, my hoop is starting to going a bit:

    Scary man sacks the lot?

    Putin accepts cabinet resignation

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov and his entire government, the Kremlin has said.
    Mr Fradkov offered to resign, citing "approaching significant political events", said Tass news agency.

    He said he wanted to give President Putin "full freedom of decision including staff decisions", Tass said.

    Analysts say Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov could now become PM, six months before a presidential election.

    My bold.

    Anyone in BFG seen the 3rd Shock Army mooching about lately?
  2. Yawn..... Russia is decades away from being up to the threat standards of the 1980's. Putin is just reminding all Russian Politicos that although he is about to 'retire' nobody should get to comfortable or assume that their chair at the table of power is because of their own efforts.
  3. OH ****..... "approaching significant political events". Do you reckon that the RAF gave him a back hander (ref: Typhoon)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    "approaching significant political events"

    Presumable this is a reference to his non availability for re-election.

  5. In 2000 Putin's 1st term began
    Now his 2d one goes
    In 2008-2012 Putin will have his 2.5 term
    And in 2012 his 3d term will begin

    Now, Putin will point to a new (formal) president by appointing him as a PM.
  6. Speaking as someone who spends much time in Russia I wish he could run again. There are many worse places to live than the Russia of V.V. Putin.
  7. Significant political events will certainly occur, as 2008 will be a year of presidential elections for both America and Russia.
  8. Mavbe the cabinet don't want to be anywhere near him when some playstation-generation fighter jock splashes one of his bombers that he keeps sending over to remind the world that he is still in charge.

    We are getting THAT close again. During the Cold War these little tests were not taken seriously; they would send some of theirs up - we send some of ours up. Both sides take pictures of each other and depart with a two finger salute. All it takes is some hot-head who can't even see his target pushes the wrong button when his aircraft tells him he/she is being attacked and BANG! Putin gets his excuse to invade everyone!

    Or maybe Putin is starting to squeeze his parliment to stop being completely corrupt?

  9. Surprise... or maybe not. There were rumours that new Russian president would be relatively unknown figure.


    Previously I didn't hear about mr.Zubkov. Btw, former PM mr.Fradkov also was unknown to public before his nomination.

    So mr.Putin continues to show grey horses.