Put yourself down for a course instead of Garelochhead?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. You'll be sorry if what I hear is true

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:
  2. JB

    JB Clanker

    It is very definitely true... Whether they should be sorry or not, time will tell...
  3. why, whats up ? is it going to rain?
  4. The Rain In Spain Avoids Salisbury Plain.

    Plus, helicopters are waterproof anyway.
  5. I think anyone who's done that abominable sh*thole at least once has the option, nay the right to have a course in lieu of getting bitten to death. :D
  6. Hey... Less bad mouthing about that lovely place... Had my best camp ever there. Two weeks playing enemy flying about in boats with the RM's, heli drop off's\pickups. And if you smoke enough and eat lots of garlic the midgies whon't come within a foot of you.
  7. did acamp up there last year expecting to be bitten to death, took up loads of insect repelant and a midgenet headover, never got them out of my bergan, didnt even get bitten once.
    had quite a pleasant 2 weeks in fact, camp is a bit basic but not dire, just watch out for the tw@t that runs the so called Naafi he pleases himself when he opens/closes and charges top dollar for cheapo cans of the falling over water we ended up in Faslane on a couple of nights (bowling alley and all) and had acouple of nights out in town (Helensburgh not garelochhead)
    If you want a good show get up to the lay by that overlooks the loch ,its a bit of a viewing area thats where the locals go for "dogging" we caught a couple at it when were recce ing for a recruit map reading lesson.
    any more info pm me
  8. Our lads went there last year, I never went but heard it was sh!te...
  9. Beware the Scouse Chef! That is all I will say. Thieving cnut.

    But on the up-side, the CQB up the stream is immense fun :cry: ""glub glub""

    Oh...and look out for the submarine hangar's night time cloaking device....the windows are designed to look like light reflections on the water at night.....Designed to put an enemy low level bomber-run off course and cause confusion....even managed to convince my CO last year :wink:

    NB quite a good visual effect, but works better when drunk.. :lol:
  10. What'd he do?

    Rob a spud...
  11. AHH but they werent part of the recruit cadre
  12. well, shouldn't go into details really, but theft, lies and extortion for starters....

    and the food was described as "food"

  13. wasnt he the manager and Naafi tw@t
  14. come to think of it....almost certainly
  15. yeah you had to keep yer eyes open whenhe was around especiallywhen picking up the packed/lunch /evening meals :p