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Put your questions to Gordon Brown - tonight!


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Done, but with little real hope of it getting past the cyber-whips. It was polite but probably a bit too awkward for our new Dear Leader.
Questions to be asked by anyone lucky to get on

"Cyclops - at what age will you grow a personality?"
Well, lets start an alternative list. Mine's above - next!


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in_the_cheapseats said:
Well, lets start an alternative list. Mine's above - next!
Dear Gordon

Rumour has it that you have a friend called Dorothy. Is she well?

19:04, he's not there... Late... sums labour up really, obviously never heard of 5 mins before..... w*nkers
This is hilarious.

His audio output is muted to the point of the near inaudible mumbles whilst hers is overly loud!

Cunning ploy........
Don't waste your time team - all the New Labour activists have been lined up to provide plenty of soft questions - the chances of a real member of the public getting their question answered if it is even a little contentious are zero.
Dear cyclops, do you realize that most privates and lance corporals have had to take a pay cut due to you axing the 10% tax band. Is it liarbour party policy to stick the boot into the lowest paid.
When are the junk emails going to start bombarding everyone with Labour Propaganda and lies begging people to vote for them???
Dear ugly,

How many woman/hoofers/it stayed still long enough have you shagged? 8O :D
done my question was not kicked 0ut it was about war pensions told them i was in the party ha ha now i have got to sit about waiting to hear the mong ans on the pc.
Can you construct a sentence without using a statistic?

(Frankly, I know the answer to this one is NO but I want to see what figures he murders into the answer.....)
longlivethequeen said:
well that was a waste of time then what a retard
You were expecting anything different?

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